My Digital Narrative Game

Child Abuse: Orphanage Edition


Game Research:

After designing the prototype for my digital narrative game, I did some research about my topic, child abuse. I spoke with the owner of an orphanage here in Egypt, Cairo, and he was a great reference. He answered all my questions and confirmed my doubts about the scenarios I was using for my game. He also gave me real-life situations that I used to complete some of the scenarios in my story. His orphanage takes infants orphans to assure that the children are raised in a good environment. He goes there 3-4 times a week to check on the children. He said that each 2-3 children have a foster mother to care for them and all the children are enrolled in schools and go out for activities weekly. This might seem like too perfect, but it is not. The owner said that supervision over the staff is a must as sometimes he discovered that the foster mothers abuse the children by burning or beating them. Although the foster mother is educated, she will still argue that this is the way she raises her kids, by beating them to make them obey her. The problem is not in the lack of education more than it is in the culture that is raising all these individuals using violence. You can’t make them understand the dangers of abusing a child because that is how they were raised. It is not their fault; it is the fault of those who abuse and raise abusers. This game aims to raise awareness on this topic by showing the alternative endings the lives of orphans can take by simply finding the right place to live in and the right people to help them.




9 thoughts on “My Digital Narrative Game

  1. Really nice and developed game, I wouldn’t change anything about it because I like that there are various situations, some of which are optimistic. Therefore you convey to the player that there can be hope at all times.

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  2. I really liked the game and the storytelling is really nice. At the beginning of the game, I started as a male orphan getting abused, to working in Spain!
    There was just at one of the stages where there was only one option!


  3. Ooo! inklewriter! How did you feel about using that software to build your narrative game? I really like how you used it to present your story. I gave it a few play throughs because I was curious about all the options for boy and girl orphans. Awesome work on this project.

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    1. Thank You! 🙂 I found Inklewriter’s interface user-friendly, I only had to write the scenario, put options, link some paragraphs and that was it. I just think that the design is restrictive. I would have used ‘Twine’, but I discovered it after I was done with my game.

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      1. They are both awesome tools and can be used to achieved different projects. I’m glad you had a positive experience with Inklewriter though. Learning is always more fun when the tools have great potential, at least for me. Keep up the fantastic work. 🙂

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  4. well done for trying Inklewriter – you used it well. I tried several runs of the game with different scenarios, but I felt that in several parts (especially near the end of some of them) the player did not have many choices… things were just happening to them… I think it is a really good game, but that some phases players need to either have more choices, or be told explicitly why they can’t have choices. What do you think?
    (P.S. the reason I did not use Twine is that it needs to be “hosted” so we would need to set it up – and learning it won’t be that useful, imho, if you’re not going to do more of this kind of thing throughout the semester).

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